10 Chic Ways to Display Crystals

You can give your house a complete makeover by using a wide range of home decor accessories and one of these are the crystals. Crystal does not have to be tacky or old-fashioned, it depends on what type of decorations are used and where.

(C) Pinterest

(C) Pinterest

Grown-Up Rock Collection

For centuries, crystals like quartz, amethyst and selenite have been thought to hold healing properties. A tradition that dates back to the Egyptians, today there are still plenty of people out there who visit their local rock shops for crystals that encourage positive vibes, good health and a peaceful state of mind.

Mystical or not, crystals make for pretty décor, pops of color that lend a hint of nature to any space. It’s an easy way to bring the outside in, and they satisfy any shiny object craving. Bonus? They’re fairly inexpensive. A small piece of rose quartz typically won’t be priced over $10.

Also, you can put away that rock polisher. When it comes to crystals, the chunkier and more natural-looking, the better. Strive for imperfection–crystals that look as if you just happened to discover them on a hike. We won’t tell anybody that you actually found them on eBay.

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