10 Food Trends You’re Going to See in 2018

If you love to entertain, or even just love to cook, then you will be very interested to know what the top food trends will be in 2018. I’m sure you’d be able to name off some of them.

From marvelous mushrooms to carbonated coffee, these tastes will be in your mouth before long.

The moment I finish one meal, I’m already thinking about the next, so it’s no wonder I get excited at the thought of what I’ll be eating six months from now. The predicted food trends for 2018 are in, setting the stage for what looks to be a curious (and surprisingly healthy) set of flavors.

(C) Apricosa

(C) Apricosa

1. The Four Ks: Kimchi, Kraut, Kefir, Kombucha

This pronouncement from The Guardian should come as no surprise. Fermented foods have been popular for several years now, but now they are filling fridges faster than ever before as words like “gut health” and “microflora” enter the vernacular.

Being trendy, of course, means that most of these foods cost an astronomical amount of money in the grocery store, so I recommend you learn how to make them yourself. Start with sauerkraut or kimchi, both of which are dead-easy to make.

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