11 fitness trends, advantages and disadvantages

Is getting fit and healthy part of your new year’s resolution? Are you now thinking of hitting the gym or perhaps enroll into sports? Before you make any choices, take a look at some of the fitness trend that you might want to consider from the gym and stuff. There are actually a lot more ways to enjoy and have fun while losing those extra pounds.


boot camp

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A. Boot Camp
Based boot-style training in the military, boot camp combines the expertise of the instructor with the support of other participants and / or peer pressure.

The exercises include jump rope from high impact to later flights, which aims to increase aerobic capacity and strength and toning core muscles.

Advantages: Because the exercises are endless combinations, each routine is new. Innovation is great to involve both muscles and mind. In addition, small classes offer the bonus of personal attention from the instructor at a fraction of normal cost.

Disadvantages: Participants may overestimate their physical state, crossing the line and stop exercising, and routines can cause very severe injuries if training is not customized. To not hurt, it should listen to the body and inform the instructor about any injuries or pre-existing physical problem. Also, do not be afraid to change any of this if we exercise too difficult.


B. Interval Training
This very technical study of exercise sessions alternating high intensity exercise with lighter sets, for example, short stroke intervals are combined with other jogging or running.

Advantages: Intervals increase the consumption of calories you burn by the end of the exercise. A study by the University of Guelph showed that gymnastics …


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