14 Reupholstery Tips From a Pro

If only a portion of your furniture is damaged, it is not recommended that you buy a replacement right away. You must first check if it’s still worthy for repair and reupholstered as you can definitely save more this way than buying a new one.


Upholstery padding

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Is there a cheaper way?

If the springs, padding, and frame are in great shape and all you’re looking for is new fabric, it’s a lot less expensive. But in my experience, by the time people are ready to have something reupholstered, it’s beat up on the inside.

Any tips on cushions and filling?

There’s a huge difference when it comes to price. A down-and-feather sofa cushion costs about $650; foam could be $75. Down is very comfortable, but it compresses fast and doesn’t hold its shape for long. It needs constant refluffing to look good. That’s why a combination is so popular: A foam core with a down-and-feather wrap is soft and keeps its shape.

Is there some magic ratio of feathers to down in good sofa cushions?

This is important. For both seat and back cushions, the ratio should be about 60 percent down to 40 percent feathers. A too-high percentage of feathers is bad—they’ll poke through the fabric. If you’re not sure …


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