20 Great Ideas for Hanging Wall Arts

“Wall arts can make an eye-catching statement in any room of your home especially if they are arranged and decorated in a perfect manner.  And poorly arranged arts can also break the entire design of your home. If you want to give life to your dull space, you can try putting wall arts in it given that you are properly guided on how to put and arrange them.”


Here are some tips for getting the spacing right for large groupings of different size pieces.

First try it out on the floor. Or better yet… Get a large piece of brown kraft paper and tape pieces together if need be. Then lay out the art on the kraft paper and trace around each piece. Pick up the piece of art and lift up the wire as if it’s hanging from the hook. Let’s say that this is a half-inch below the frame. Then, that is where your hook will need to be, so that the piece of art is in the correct position. Mark that spot on your traced picture. Hang the entire piece up on the wall. Then, tape the paper to the wall… hammer in your nails or hooks. Rip away the paper and hang your art. It should be perfect.

OR you can try this method as exhibited by Lauren Conrad. As you can see, she cut out each image and taped it on to the wall and then she hung the nail where it needed to be and ripped off the paper, and voila!

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If you have a limited budget here are some ideas of how to do some cool art groupings on the cheap.

  • go to a secondhand bookstore or look on ebay for an old art print book
  • thrift stores often have some unusual treasures
  • flea markets
  • your children’s art
  • other children’s art
  • your own art
  • family photos (preferably black and white)

Custom framing is expensive, but if it’s a casual or more contemporary look you want, you can often find frames at places like West Elm, Pottery Barn, and …


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