3 Themes to Consider for your Home Garden

Everyone displays a distinct sense of style. Though that is mirrored in our clothing fashion it may also be stated in our properties which extend to our gardens. Many people invest time and effort preparing the design of each of the rooms within their homes and in most cases the garden comes last. I do think this must be done first, especially if it’s your front yard. This is what these potential customers will notice first when they come to visit you. So possibly, now is the suitable time for you to start planning your garden. To help you along we have a few garden design themes.

I.    Oriental Garden: This garden appears casual in the beginning. In truth it can be a very formal and intentional spatial arrangement of components. The Oriental garden could be the best example of elegance and style. You can use most of the elements of design to create the tranquility and peacefulness. Asymmetry is used in this kind of garden and only items that exist in nature will be used. There will probably usually be no painted objects or metal. Additionally creatively make use of water and components like sand, rocks and gravel to achieve such theme


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II.    Modern Garden:  Modern garden designs tend to keep to the trends of interior decoration – so paint-effect pots, trompe l’oeil and wall art on walls, vibrant sheds and seats and loud, subtropical-look plants all have their spot. Concretes and woods would be the main materials used for such a garden. Paths and grids tend to be the main use of concrete. Generally, the spaces in the center of the concretes are stuffed with pebbles or gravels. Furthermore modern garden work with architectural plants, this means any plants that emphasize styles or such that have big attractive leaves with distinctly colored leaves can be used. Fountain grass, a type of shrub in which grows to make a fountain look, can be used for texture.

III.    Natural Garden: This garden takes less work to sustain. You need to select plants that happen to be native to your town and that flourish in the outdoors and with minimal water. Essentially you rely on the rain to water your plants. This is actually the perfect theme in case you have busy lives and don’t have a lot of time to take care of their garden. The pathways have a natural weathered look which you may create with simulated stone tiles in a grey color.

In these times of fast-paced living, gardens and gardening are getting to be much more than a hobby for individuals. Gardens are fast becoming a peaceful personal space of beauty and hues for the people from all walks of life. The garden theme that you may pick out will still boil down to exactly what pleases and relaxes you.

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