30 Awesome Narrow Pools For The Tightest Spaces

Many love to have a pool at home because it helps them relax. But how about those homes with small spaces? Well there’s no such a thing as small spaces when it comes to interior designs and it also applies to your outdoor. This narrow pools can be a good addition to your outdoor.

The outdoor season is on and though it’s not that hot to swim, we are all dreaming of relaxing pools and plunging there after a long working day. It often happens that a backyard or a garden or any other outdoor space is small and it seems that you won’t be able to accommodate a pool there. Don’t be upset, you can go for a narrow pool!

(C) digsdigs.com

(C) digsdigs.com

Narrow pools in your garden, along your house side are a perfect idea for hot summer days when a lap is all we need. It may be small and narrow – just to plunge for one or two people, or really long and narrow for one person to swim. Let’s have a look at the most inspiring ideas and ways to arrange everything around this pool.

Small And Narrow Pools

If your backyard space is really small, and you want to place some loungers and a dining space, you can easily make a small and narrow pool. It can be clad with stone, concrete, tiles and other coverings, there can be a stone, brick, wooden deck next to it. It can be a Moroccan-styled backyard in all-white, with some desert plants and a small pool for just bathing in it. To make the pool more private just create a greenery wall on one side – this way you’ll feel swimming in a natural water body and will hide from other people’s eyes. To make the pool more inviting, use inner lights or just some LED stripes along the whole piece.

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