33 Design Ideas for Wooden and Metal Outdoor Shower Enclosures

Summer is around the corner and adding outdoor showers can be a great addition to your summer list. They can be great for swimming pools to avoid a messy home and the hassles of going inside when you come in after a swim or working in the garden.

Traditional and modern shower designs for outdoor living spaces come in various styles. You can find many different ways to categorize outdoor shower enclosures. Made with natural stones and concrete, metal sheets and wood, with tiles and stone walls or created with outdoor fabrics, outdoor shower designs offer designs for every budget and taste.

Outdoor shower enclosures vary in their shapes and decorating details, adding unique backyard designs to modern outdoor living spaces. The stability and sturdiness of shower designs, cost, building and maintenance time of outdoor showers depend on their style and chosen materials.

Outdoor shower enclosures made with metal or wood materials are sturdy, but need some maintenance. Wood and metal get damaged by water. Metal and wooden shower designs for outdoor living spaces need to be weather proofed to withstand the elements.

(C) Minimalisti.com

(C) Minimalisti.com

Wooden shower enclosures

Wooden shower enclosures for outdoor living spaces are inexpensive and easy to build. Wooden shower designs are great DIY projects to improve backyards and gardens and add stunning centerpieces that are functional and stylish.

Though wooden shower enclosures have a fabulous natural look, these shower designs need a good sealer to protect the wooden structures from the weather and water. It is very simple to select a wood treatment or paint for the wooden shower enclosure. A layer of paint or sealer just compliments the wooden shower designs.

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