5 Common Decorating Mistakes

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Everyone makes mistakes; however, if you are looking at decorating your home, those mistakes go along with price tags attached. Decorating need to reflect our taste and style, and it’s also a very personal thing. Nevertheless there are some decorating blunders that should be avoided. Here is a list of mistakes and fixes.

a. Fear of color. Color, particularly if its paint, may reasonably add drama and excitement to a room. If you are worried to do an entire room in a bold color, consider a single wall and make it the focal point. It is just as bad to be dull as it is to be too colorful. Check on guides on using color to embellish your home and learn how to choose the best tones for you.

b. Disagreeing window coverings. Windows, like walls, are key players in the design game. Do not alter your window coverings too dramatically throughout the house, say calico country in the kitchen area and puddled velvet drapes in the living room. The effect will be jarring. Consider a steady look throughout the house and don’t forget to keep any underlying covering that goes over the window the same (sheer panels or blinds, for instance) so that the windows look just as good externally as they do from within.

c. Acquiring the wrong size area rug for a room. The rug you select needs to have the furniture either just over the edge or only outside the edge. Otherwise it will look like a floating island if too small, or clumsy if too large. Evaluate the room and your furniture, and then utilize a Room Planner to obtain a better idea of how things will look. Don’t forget to allow ‘walking paths’, therefore also plan your traffic patterns..

d. Too much or too little furniture. Too much could make you fell claustrophobic and too little can make you feel exposed. Aim for an excellent balance. Should you have too much yet move a lot and can’t bear to part with it, place the excess in the garage or a back room. Or else, it’s time to unload it. In case you have too little, it’s time for a visit to your favorite furniture showroom.

e. Over accessorizing. Accessories must accent a room not overwhelm a space. A lot of accessories equals clutter, and turn into dust magnets. If you can’t bear to part with any of your accessories, why don’t you move them? Perhaps with the change of seasons you may update your house with a different set of accessories. Not only is this a free way to change the look, you’ll also obtain a personal boost from having a fresh look on your house. Plus, you will appreciate the individual pieces more when not competing so heavily for your attention

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