5 Exercises for Perfect Legs

“Everybody’s legs are distinctive, and everybody’s legs can be ideal for them. Never feel like your legs aren’t kicking on the grounds that they don’t resemble a photo in a magazine. The ideal legs are very desired in our general public, and however there is an assortment of delightful legs on the planet, everyone can benefit from healthy, toned legs. Whether you are trying to  show off what you’ve got or develop new muscles, having perfect legs is attainable for anybody.”

best leg exercises

Legs! Who doesn’t want a pair of perfectly formed and shapely legs? You can show them off almost any time of day or place (hemline will vary!) – unlike the chest area or the abs (if you have them!). Luscious legs are an easy way to look fabulous, without seemingly trying. The perfect pair of legs requires a low body fat percentage (you need cardio and diet for that) and muscle for shapeliness. The bad news is, to get a pair of perfect pins you do have to put in the work. The good news is; it’s totally worth it.


To get amazing legs you need to target all four areas of your thighs (areas 1 – 4, see diagram below) with exercise, as well as increase the shapeliness of your calves (5). Perform the following exercises in a slow and controlled manner. At the most challenging part of the exercise, hold your position briefly and gently return back to your starting position. As you get stronger, do the exercise slower to increase the intensity of the workout. Remember, it is better to go slow and do fewer repetitions than to go fast and do more. To make some of the exercises more challenging you can use dumbbells/kettlebells, or if you don’t have any to hand, grab a couple of cans of beans to use as light dumbbells or fill a couple of old plastic milk/ juice containers with water to use as kettlebells.

Keep your core muscles engaged at all times by pulling your belly button in to your spine. This will ease the pressure on your lower back and make it more difficult on your legs.

Read more: http://www.superskinnyme.com/5-exercises-for-perfect-legs.html

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