5 fitness apps that actually get results

Fitness is now within our reach! Who says that you can only get fit in the gym? Well, with today’s technology, various apps have already been created to help those who want to get fit and healthy. If you want to download one now, check out these 5 apps that was already proven to be effective.

Getting fit no longer requires a pencil-and-paper workout plan or a hardback diet book -- just your smartphone.

Photo from http://edition.cnn.com

1. Hot5

Hot5 is hands down one of my favorite apps for 2014. From abs and core to yoga and flexibility and everything in between.

2. GymPact

We all need a little motivation when it comes to working out, and GymPact is the perfect way to get inspired.
How does it work? Make a commitment to work out a certain number of times a week. Choose the amount of money you are willing to risk if you don’t reach your goal.


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