5 Most Common Countertops


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Kitchen countertops are essential in the kitchen. These act as work surfaces to make meals, areas to set hot cookware from the stove or oven, and very often, for most modern kitchens, part of them is utilized for family meals, and treats. This is why it’s important to carefully discover the kitchen countertop you’ll install for construction or remodeling. It must be made from material that is both pleasing and sturdy.

Because individuals never cease to stop using counter tops, you should find a very good one. Each property owner must be able to get top quality countertops in the best price. Here are the top five possibilities you are able to choose from:

A.    Wood Countertops
Wood is an excellent material for putting warmth to a kitchen. It’s available in various colors and patterns and is versatile enough to fit a contemporary kitchen or a country-themed one. A few examples of hardwood used for kitchen countertops are oak, walnut, cherry, teak, mahogany, pecan, hard maple, and a lot more.

Yet, wood oxidizes after a while and a few wood countertops will change their color a bit. Wood countertops additionally absorb or lose moisture depending on which environment they are in.

B.    Stainless Countertops
Stainless steel countertops also are popular mainly because it provides a modern elegant look to your kitchen. The reflective quality of the stainless steel countertop contributes to its attractiveness by reflecting both natural and artificial light and drawing together the shades of the kitchen’s décor. Even though stainless steel countertop is strong it is susceptible to scratches.

C.    Laminate countertops
Such countertops are in demand since it can copy the types of marble, granite, wood or stone countertops. It’s the best choice to consider if you’re on a tight budget. With laminate, you’ll have quality countertops without having to sacrifice the appearance of your kitchen. Additionally it is easier to maintain when compared with other materials. Furthermore, if you are planning to transform the kitchen in the future, you could change this one easily for a better and a more costly material.

D.    Natural Stone Countertops
A far more high-priced option for countertops would be the natural stones. Stones like quartz, granite, marble put class and magnificence to the kitchen and there’s an unlimited color selection offered to match your kitchen style. They withstand heat, and as long as they are properly installed, they are able to keep going for a lifetime.

E.    Tile Countertops
This can be one more economical alternatives for countertops. Apart from their affordability, many people prefer to buy them as they are very resistant against heat and scratches.

Different kinds of kitchen tiles utilized for the countertops are ceramic, stones, concrete and porcelain. Each has unique appeal and features that may match your own home design.

Indeed, there are plenty of kitchen countertops available now in the market. You only need to bear in mind each material has various features. Know your requirement and budget to come up with the best determination.

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