5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cardio-Kickboxing

“Any sort of of cardio preparing can carry out the objective depending upon how your body reacts and what your particular goals are. On the other hand, there is impressive argument over what sort of cardio preparing will fasten fat loss. There are several methods of achieving cardio exercise, one is kickboxing. Cardio Kickboxing requires high energy  that will challenge you both mentally and physically.”

Photo by http://crossfirecrosstrain.com/

Photo by http://crossfirecrosstrain.com/


is a cardiovascular workout that throws martial arts techniques in to the mix. Unsurprisingly, cardio-kickboxing is one of the most popular workouts across the country. It has many health benefits including improving heart function, kicking calories, and a total lower and upper body workout. Plus, it is an amazing stress buster!
Everyone needs a little cardio.
Health professionals will tell you that it’s important to get at least 20 minutes of high intensity exercise a day.  Cardio-kickboxing certainly does that, and the American Heart Association is a great resource for figuring out how much exercise you need for your overall health and wellness.  Every body has different needs and different levels of stamina. At CrossFire Crosstraining Centers our program suits all different types of fitness levels. Our certified instructors progress and regress each exercise and combination to fit the needs of individual students.. So don’t worry about if you can do it!  You can! CrossFire Crosstraining instructors are here to help!
Shreds Calories
You can burn as many as 450 calories in a single hour with kickboxing and more if you add in some high intensity intervals. Plus, it’s a whole body workout. The “kick” in kickboxing works your legs while punching works your upper body, especially your arms, and builds muscle endurance. Moves like roundhouse kicks work your core muscles, and kickboxing keeps your abdominal muscles constantly engaged. Cardio-kickboxing also builds endurance and stamina, but there are other benefits of kickboxing you may not know.
1. Tone Your Entire Body
A good Cardio-kickboxing class combines kickboxing and interval drills with free weights, or circuit training, resistance training and core training. To increase resistance many school use kickboxing pads and bags, as opposed to simply air boxing, so you’ll burn even more calories. You’ll work your back and trim your waist because each move requires a lot of core power behind it.
2. Mental Benefits
Sometimes the best way to release stress after a hard day of work is not to collapse on the couch, but with some intense physical activity. It’s an excellent release to be able to relieve your stress on the pads. The workout also increases the release of endorphins, which can diminish stress. It lets you work out your frustrations in a safe environment, where you will learn the proper movement techniques. What better way to let go of the day’s irritations? Kickboxing offers a healthy way to release the day’s challenges, which can also help you get a better night’s sleep and improve mental clarity. The group atmosphere of kickboxing is even more…
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