6 Apartment-Perfect Houseplants

So how do you bring your new apartment’s ambiance back to nature? Try adding some plants! Plants in a house or an apartment help make a home.

When adopting a plant for your apartment, you may have some specific requirements in mind. Maybe you don’t have a lot of horizontal space and need a plant that can hang in a basket from the ceiling. Or, maybe you don’t have a lot of natural light in your apartment and need something that doesn’t mind a bit of darkness. These six houseplants have unique characteristics that make them contenders for your small indoor space.

(C) 416-florist.com

(C) 416-florist.com

1. African Violet

The African violet is one one of the most popular houseplants you’ll find. Bold and blooming year-round, they prefer indirect light so their fuzzy leaves don’t burn. They do well in typical indoor climates with moist soil. Keep them away from drafty areas and they should do well.

2. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is easy to grow and well suited for apartment living. Despite its name, it isn’t actually bamboo at all but belongs to the lily family. The stalks are often shaped by professional growers in fancy shapes or curls, and you can find them in various grocery stores or home improvement garden centers. Lucky bamboo needs very little light, which makes it perfect for apartments that face other buildings, and can grow in water or soil. (If you choose to keep it in water, use distilled water and change it every few weeks.)

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