6 Fundamental Primal Human Movements

“This primal model of optimal human health and fitness is very different from the typical gym-goer who has a sedentary lifestyle and may barely move his, or her, body in the ways that nature intended during exercises. As an extreme example, think about that guy who has arms 2x bigger than his calves from doing arm exercises all the time, or the cyclist who does nothing else but cycle, or the runner who only runs.”

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A push isn’t an exercise per se but rather a category of movement.

It includes the push-up, the military press, and the bench press, all of which are big pushes. Forced to rank them, they’d be ranked in that order: best, better, and still great.

Within each category of human movement, you want to do the movements that offer the highest return on investment. The push does that. And the push-up in particular is perhaps the perfect primal exercise, working trunk stability and upper-body pushing strength. This classic gym class exercise strengthens the chest, shoulders, triceps, and abs.

When you think about pulling, think about the pull-up because there’s nothing finer for a strong and muscular back.

Don’t fret if you’re unable to perform even one rep of the pull-up, and certainly don’t listen to the bunkum recently churned out claiming that “females can’t do pull-ups.” Females most certainly can and most certainly should do pull-ups.

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