6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Quartz Countertops

One of the most common home renovations these days is the kitchen, followed closely by the master bath. In the kitchen makeovers most often entail the appliances, the flooring, the cupboards and the countertops, while the bathroom may include many changes, however inevitably, the countertops.”

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If you’re presently searching for countertop materials for your kitchen renovation, it really is highly suggested you research quartz countertops, also known as engineered stone countertops. With lots of types of countertop materials to choose from, it may be quite overwhelming for house owners to select which is best for them. To aid in the process, listed here are six of the reasons why this stone must be on your list:


Quartz countertops are relatively less expensive than granite however are far more costly than laminate. But you have to take into account that cost will considerably increase when larger are needs to be covered. But one thing is for sure, you get what you paid for.


Being one of the hardest minerals available in Earth, countertops made from quartz are incredibly firm and durable. Natural quartz is amongst the strongest elements in the world. It is very challenging to chip, scratch, and crack, which is a benefit to millions of consumers that have had to change their marble and granite countertops after accidentally damaging them. While you need to treat all stone with care, quartz will hold up for years.


This natural product is non-penetrable which make it suitable for places that happen to be susceptible to bacteria just like the kitchen or bathroom. In other penetrable materials, bacteria may percolate in the countertop and remain in there, for that reason would only signify it could be moved towards your food or yourself leading you to become sick.


The advantage of quartz countertops is always that this material is non-porous. What this implies in the kitchen or bathroom environment is it delivers anti-bacterial properties, it won’t take in moisture, it’s resistant to mildew and mold. Since quartz countertops are non-porous, they require no sealing just like granite ones do.


Granite and marble countertops need to be sealed frequently to stop staining and the growth of bacteria. Not like its counterparts, quartz doesn’t require sealing or any routine maintenance to sustain its beauty and performance.


You will see that these natural quartz countertops are extremely easy to keep clean and maintain. Just a simple regular wipe with a normal house cleaner and your counter have a clean and glittering look. These items are perfect for families who are busy and who don’t possess time to deep clean their counters on a regular basis.

The most effective features of quartz countertops aren’t visible from the surface. The inside of the counter is exactly where the best results crystallize. Quartz countertops would be the nearly indestructible counters you can install.

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