7 Cheap DIY Workout Props to Pimp Your Home Gym

Going to a gym everyday might be time consuming for all employees out there. But hey! We can still do exercise without going to gym using the things we can find inside our home.

Celebs and athletes love touting the benefits of fancy exercise systems and zillion dollar recovery treatments. But when you’re not on a Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous budget, your fitness regimen has to come in at a fraction of the price. Whether you’re new to the workout game or you’ve been pumping iron for decades, a few basic tools can help give your routine that A-list boost.

(C) Be-well.co.uk

(C) Be-well.co.uk

But before you fall down the QVC rabbit hole, get this: Much of the equipment you need for a great home workout is already right at your fingertips. Need a yoga block? Check the bookshelf. Want an ab roller? Head to the… kitchen? Check out these surprising everyday items that can up the ante at your next at-home sweat session.

7 DIY Fitness Props You Already Own

1. Books
Your DIY: Yoga blocks
When you’re not reading, use that copy of Harry Potter in lieu of a yoga block. Dense foam cubes typically used to make poses more accessible, yoga blocks can set you back $10 or more (and we know you’d rather spend that on lattes). “The blocks can bring the ground to you, enabling [you] to experience the fullest and safest version of the pose possible,” says Rachel VanCleave, instructor and studio manager at Yogamaya in New York City.


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