70 Best Apps for Families

No doubt, technology is everywhere! In almost every place, you can see parents, teenagers, kids holding their gadgets or mobiles wherever they go. As parents, since you could no longer stop this technological advancement, all you can do is just control the family’s use on these things. Be aware of the things that are being accessed and installed on these gadgets to ensure their welfare.

boy playing with digital tablet in bed

Photo from http://www.parents.com

The Playmatic Bursts of color and popping bubbles engage little ones who need only tap the screen to make things happen. Bonus! No annoying noises. Apple only; free

Age 1
NameGames Import pictures of people in your tot’s life and record their names for a fun way to get familiar. All platforms; free

Age 2
PBS Kids Video Buys you downtime via popular videos including Peg + Cat and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. All platforms; free

Age 3
Starfall series Low-key and gentle apps introducing ABCs, numbers, and more with songs and simple graphics. All platforms; $1 to $5 per app

See more apps here: http://www.parents.com/fun/entertainment/gadgets/best-family-apps/

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