8 Activities For Fathers and Daughters To Bond

‘I’m a daddy’s girl myself and those times that we’re together are my “Kairos” moments. Though usually, daddies prefer (mostly) to bond with their sons because they have the same interest or passion, fathers should also take some time to bond with their daughters.  If you cannot think of activities, here are a few suggestions for you.’


activities for fathers and daughters to bond

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1. Bring her shopping!

Shopping is not just for the ladies. Let your daughter take the lead and go with her to her favourite shops. If she’s a fashion lover, let her try on clothes and pick out an outfit of her choice. Let her know what you think about her fashion choices! Or bring her to a Sanrio store to see her favourite Hello Kitty merchandise. If you’ve got an avid reader on your hands, then a trip to Kinokuniya or even the neighbourhood library might be just the thing.

2. Visit a toy museum

Few parents know about the Children Little Museum (along Arab Street), a relatively small space but one that houses an impressive array of rare, old-school toys. Remember childhood games like “tikam tikam” and five stones? You’ll find these and many other treasures of your growing up …


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