8 Best Dance Workout Videos

Home fitness videos are a viable option for those who don’t have a gym membership. Now you don’t have any excuse to to exercising.

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Do you hate working out? You might be doing it all wrong.

Exercise can be anything you enjoy that gets your body moving and your blood pumping, including dancing. In a study published by the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, a group of women at the University of Wisconsin wore heart rate monitors during a Zumba class. During the 39-minute session, their average heart rate hovered around 154 beats per minute and they burned a whopping 369 calories!
Here are eight great places to get your groove on, torch calories, and tone your whole body in the process.

1. Vixen Workout

Candice Craig at Vixen Workout leads this mega-sexy dance video. The moves in this 10-minute blast are inspired by Miami nightlife. You’ll warm up by clapping to the beat with your hands over your head. The rest is a mix of shimmies, shakes, and sways that will get your muscles working hard.

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Candice encourages you to “get loose and let go of your alter ego” throughout the video. If you’re feeling self-conscious, just imagine yourself in a dance club and keep grooving. You’ll notice that Candice wears wedge sneakers to dance, but you might want to stick with a pair of regular flats to protect your ankles from rolling.

2. Danny’s Workouts

Get ready to sweat during this fast-paced, high intensity dance video from Danny Hayhurst at Danny’s Workouts. Latin dance is Danny’s favorite type. What he loves most about dance workouts is “the energy and fun they give people.”

You’ll twist and turn your hips to merengue and salsa moves with …


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