8 Smart Ways to Make More Space in a Small Kitchen

“Indeed, we can get  home tips from people who has the same situation with us. Just like in having a kicthen. Where else will get some ideas but to those who those who also have a small kitchen at home.  Good thing in the internet is that information is readily accessible and anyone can learn from other’s experiences. Check out these smart tips that will help you maximize your kitchen space.”


1. Use your oven for storage.

I have limited shelf and cabinet space, so I store all of my baking sheets, cooling racks, and muffins tins in the oven. The trick is to remember to take them out before you turn the oven on!

2. Install hooks wherever you can.

My husband Brandon installed a bunch of hooks on the side of our metro rack so I can hang strainers and oven mitts. It not only makes these items handy to grab, but it helps us get around our lack of drawers. I also have a hook to hold towels by the sink.

3. Create your own pantry!

Because we don’t have a pantry, we bought an old wooden wardrobe off Craigslist, and I store all of my dried goods (pastas, beans, grains, canned goods, baking items, tea, coffee) in it, as well as extra baking dishes, coffee pots, and tools like my baking thermometer and cake icing supplies. I don’t know what I’d do without it!

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