9 Easy Ways To Decorate For A Party

When it comes to parties, whether they be Thanksgiving parties, Christmas parties, or birthday parties, a party is not complete without party decorations. Setting the mood is an important aspect to planning any party. Below are 9 great ideas for party decorations you can decorate yourself.

Oh my goodness the American election is such a nail biter! So let’s escape a little and think about nice party decorating ideas for a total girl night indulgence, ok? Maybe it will be a post election party idea? Hmmmm… Today I have my friend and fellow author Leslie Shewring, an artist and designer from Victoria, Canada, who will share her recent book party night with us along with 9 easy tips for making a gathering special on a budget. This party was recently held to celebrate the launch of our book, Decorate for a Party, which is sold where all fine books are stocked. It’s available in Australia, Canada, United States, UK, German-speaking Europe (in German), France (in French), and Italy (in Italian). We are so happy to see our project around easy, simple decorating ideas for meaningful gatherings attract so much attention. It’s very heartwarming.

Leslie’s goal for her book party wasn’t only to celebrate the launch of our book. In fact, Leslie isn’t the type who likes the spotlight on herself or her accomplishments. She is very humble and prefers intimate and meaningful gatherings over large crowds and fanfares. In this way, Leslie pulled together only her nearest and dearest for an evening of girl power inspiration and it made her evening nice because it was in harmony with how she likes gatherings to be when gathering girlfriends – inspiring, feminine and at ease.

She decided to teamed up with her friend and local lady boss, Pam Lewis from Moonrise Creative, and together they hosted a talk show style party where guests were taken into the lives of creative women and allowed to chime in with views of their own to create a fantastic, insightful dialogue. I love the spirit of this evening, the magic shared together as women discussed stories, laughed and walked away with cake in their bellies and love in their hearts.

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