A Good Workout For Your Weak Side

I love to motivate people to develop healthier lifestyles through exercise. Exercising is something that everyone needs to be doing because it helps to control our weight, keep our bodies healthy and our mind.

Life is all about balance. Balance in your work life, balance in your family life, and balance in your health. Balancing your physical strength is equally important, and not always on our radar.

Think about it: Life happens asymmetrically, and yet we all naturally favor one side or the other (unless you’re the rare switch-hitter!). That’s natural. And the good news is it’s pretty easy to work on your weaker side—unlike possibly other balance issues in your life. It involves mixing in unilateral exercises (those using one side of the body at a time) with bilateral exercises (those using both sides of the body simultaneously). And luck you, that’s actually the secret to the ever-valuable functional full-body workout!

(C) Healthcare-schools.org

(C) Healthcare-schools.org

Here are a few tips for being more mindful about your physical balance, plus a workout to get you going.

Before You Get Started

Assess yourself. Use our high five assessment to see how you fare with some unilateral movements (lunge, single leg reach). This will give you a good idea which side needs extra work, if you don’t already know!
Use unilateral movements, but don’t make ALL of them unilateral. This is important because when we’re trying to work on a specific area, we don’t want to build our workouts based only on that weaker area. If that’s all we do, then we’d possibly see a decline in our strengths (or even worse, our functions)! For example, if I need more protein and vitamins in my diet, I’m not going to only eat protein and vitamins. I’m going to add it into a well-balanced diet. In the same way, when considering these movements, sprinkle them into your workouts instead of making your workout just unilateral movements.

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