A Rose in Winter: Top 10 To Choose From, Order and Plant As Soon As It Gets Cold

Despite my cultivating efforts however, I’m still not great at organizing myself but I have been informed that I really need to get my plants looked after before winter begins. When growing roses or caring for roses, there are some pointers to remember during winter time.

Winter may be on the horizon, but this is the time to order and plant bare-root roses – not to mention other shrubs and trees. The range on offer is far greater and postage costs are lighter on the pocket. Plants are lifted from the rose fields from November onwards and, although they look rather like dead sticks when they arrive, these sleeping beauties rise with renewed vigour once they’re kissed by spring. And they grow away strongly and never look back.

(C) Pinterest

(C) Pinterest

Choosing which roses to grow is the hard part and I’m happy to admit that garden writers don’t know everything, especially when it comes to roses. My first port of call is always Michael Marriott, the technical manager and senior rosarian at David Austin Roses. He’s worked at the headquarters at Albrighton near Wolverhampton for 32 years.

“I arrived at exactly the right time, just two years after the introduction of ‘Graham Thomas’,” he says. This rich-yellow rose, with curvaceous and fully fragrant flowers, prompted a sea change in rose growing. It wooed the public away from dedicated rose gardens full of gaudy, stiff-stemmed hybrid teas and the mixed rose border full of soft colours was born.

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