Basic Bathroom Gets a Graphic, Modern Renovation

Your bathroom isn’t just a position with a toilet and shower. How can you transform your basic bathroom from a area of utility to a spot of tranquility? Take a look of this modern renovation of a bathroom. You might want to take an inspiration from this interior design.



When I think back to how many places I’ve called home throughout my life, I realize just how many boring, basic bathrooms I’ve lived with—and the answer is “too many.” I mean, they’re fine in that they were functional, but for a design-obsessed person like myself, they were enough to make me cringe on a regular basis.

When we chose to partner with TOTO earlier this year, we decided that the gorgeous TOTO fixtures were way too amazing to live in my basic bathroom (see before photos at the end!). That led to the decision to try to elevate the rest of the space to do those fixtures some justice. As we mentioned before, we brought in designer Joyce Elizabeth Tranchida, of online interior design platform Decorilla, who graciously helped me hone in on what I liked and wanted after I obsessively pinned for a few weeks. After some back and forth with Joyce, here’s the mood board I finally decided on:

Decorilla magically turned the mood board into 3D renderings that looked so incredibly real that I wanted to fast forward to the finished product. However, unlike on television, renovations take time—which I quickly learned!

As you’ve probably heard from anyone who’s ever done any kind of renovation, issues come up that delay the project and that’s what happened here, but more on that later! It’s time for the final reveal because it’s finally DONE!

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