Bathroom Fixture Styles and Trends

With all hundred of fixtures in your local improvement stores, it may take some for you to decide what to choose. So before you rush to the mall and buy any fixture, care to check some designs and make up your mind on what you would like to have.


Wall-Mount Showerhead

Basic but highly functional, wall-mount showerheads are available in many styles and finishes. New low-flow showerheads, such as the Envi Eco-Performance showerhead from Moen, use less water while maintaining a powerful spray. Image courtesy of Moen


Hand-Held Showerhead

Hand-held showerheads feature a single head sprayer attached to a flexible hose, good for washing hair and those hard-to-reach places. Hand-held showerheads are particularly useful for those with limited mobility. Image courtesy of Moen’


Rain Showerhead

More and more homeowners are splurging on luxury shower fixtures for the bathroom. Often mounted on the ceiling, rain showerheads provide the sensation of bathing in a waterfall or soothing rain shower. Image courtesy of Kohlerl


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