Bathroom Organizers to Give You More Space

Regardless if you are sharing your bathroom with someone else or making use of it alone, you need to make sure that you keep it tidy and organized. It is hard to keep the area in order due to the a lot of things you have there. You will have the toiletries and other bathroom supplies. You also have towels and bathrobes in the cabinets. Listed below are some of the other simple tips that will aid maintain your bathroom organized:

Sink Shelf: You won’t have to lump all of your cleaning supplies together on one cramped little shelf under the sink. With the Expandable Under Sink Shelf, you are able to provide shelving that suits several tight areas to give double the surface space. 5 removable panels allow it to be easy to cater to pipes or cords as the steel mesh construction will stand up to years of use.

(C) Home Design Solutions

(C) Home Design Solutions

Magazine Racks: Everyone loves browsing a magazine or a book while soaking in the tub or on the toilet. If you have a lot of magazine littering in the water closet, you might like to consider getting a magazine rack to keep all of the in a well-organized space. You may also get it attached to walls or doors, therefore making room for other bathroom organizers or essentials.

Mesh Bags: Your entire shower supplies cannot fit in a soap dish, especially if you have a lot of product for your skin, face and hair. This is where a mesh bag is beneficial. It can hold your shower lotion, gel, hair product and shaving lotions in one place. Even if it gets wet, the mesh material enables ease of drying thus preventing build-up of mildew or molds.

Over Door 2 Basket Towel Rack: A lot of apartment bathrooms have only a single towel rack with space enough to support one bath towel. This offers a problem when 2 or more people use the bathroom for bathing. In addition, these bathrooms rarely have sufficient space for storing for bathing essentials or spare bathroom items. It deals with both of these problems by converting abandoned space into an organized storage area.

Tension Shower Organizer: The majority of bathing areas haven’t much or no built-in storage space. Because of this, you may be forced to place soaps, shampoos, shower gels, razors, and other bathing items on the side of the tub or on a separate counter outside the shower or bath. And since you live in an apartment, you may be discouraged or prohibited from putting in storage units that must definitely be nailed or screwed into the wall.

The Golden Rule

Always stick to the basic rule of thumb: if it’s something you have not utilized in at least a year then it’s time for you to throw it out. It is also recommended that you examine your supplies in your bathroom organizers to check for empty or expired products. This will successfully decrease the junk to leave more space for various other important products and items.


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