Bathroom Tiles: How To Decide On The Right Bathroom Tile Design

Good bathroom tile design must create a floor surface that is attractive, water resistant and safe to walk on. While you think about which bathroom tile designs to select, each type of tile has special attributes that could or might not provide characteristics that happen to be great for your bathroom. Here are different material types for bathroom tile design together with advantages or disadvantages of each:

Make certain you have a clear image in mind of how you would like your bathroom to appear. A simple but effective idea would be to work with a contrasting grout color to the dominant tile color. This will make each tile stand out, which is great looking to the eye. However, using the same color grout as the tiles also creates quite a striking effect. Different size and color tiles must only be selected to create a dramatic effect. Too many different colors and shapes may look gaudy.

Ceramic tiles are always a safe choice. They’re slip-resistant and simple to clean since they are non-porous. Another great tile choice for the bathroom is travertine tiles. Finishing surfaces maintain a consistent look in which presents a clean design for bathroom walls and floors. Granite tiles have a high damage threshold. Bathroom floors will be well equipped in a slate tile setting because of its anti-slip finishing surface. For a touch of elegance to a bathroom, think about using marble tiles in a floor or wall design.

Obviously, it’s wise to find the correct colour of grout prior to deciding to lay the bathroom tiles because this can impact the overall look of the floor. When you purchase a solid colour for the tiles in the bathroom, you can mix it up by adding a border, smaller tiles around the circumference of the floor and ones that go well with the boldly coloured main tiles. Softer colours, such as beige or off-white will give an airy feel to the room however, you may find it difficult to keep them looking as clean as is possible due to the lighter shade. A well-known colour for bathroom tiles is dark grey or slate colour, that cleans up well and appears great.

Have fun as you find the styles, colors, patterns and sizes of bathroom floor tile and related details for your bathroom. You will want your bathroom to be a enjoyable, cozy room to spend time in and the bathroom floor tile used will help create that type of atmosphere. Make use of bathroom tile ideas to help you have that special bathroom that one could enjoy every single day.


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