Benefits of Planting Small Trees In Your Garden

Many of us have small gardens and naturally we would like to make the most of them. A tree can set the atmosphere of a garden quicker than just about anything else and thus selecting the best one can be important. If you decide on the wrong one you can easily spend several years being disappointed and more years waiting for a replacement tree to establish itself.”

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As you think about trees you may think about large soaring ones that are great for shade and tire swings, or of the evergreen Christmas tree variety. Trees can be found in all sizes and shapes together with all sorts of leaf shapes, colours and varieties. A number of flower, some provide us with fruit, but they all serve a purpose. If you like trees however have a lot on your property already, perhaps you’d like a smaller one (or three) to add texture and colour. Here are just a few of the great little trees out there.

The Paperback Maple is definitely an fascinating tree because the cinnamon coloured bark peels off during the year. It adds dimension and texture and also a talking point for your yard and this tree does great in all types of soil even though it does like well drained soil, thanks all the same. It’s mature height is between 20-35′ however it is still regarded as a small tree and also, since its so undemanding, just what are you waiting for? This tree is fantastic for individuals living in zones 4-8 across the country.

Ah, the Japanese Maple. So what can we say about this beautiful tree? It’s elegant, it’s colourful and it’s a amazing add-on to any yard. It even is available in different types like weeping and upright so it may go almost anywhere. It is a great small shade tree and at it’s most mature it will not grow more than 30 feet tall and wide, and also the pretty leaves! Such pretty leaves. The Japanese Maple does best in zones 5-8.

For gardens with walls or shaded areas, the fig is an excellent choice. They could grow in both cool and warm climates and so are ideal in a Mediterranean-themed garden which requires a focal point. The Japanese crab tree is a deciduous tree that both flowers and it has fruit. The crimson flower buds early in the year are a good complement along with the red and yellow crab apples.

The Fringe tree gets its name from the tons of white fleecy looking flowers that it produces each spring. It appears like a fringe with its dangling offering and of course, just like numerous species, there are many different varieties available. The fringe tree can tolerate a wide range of soils and is ideal for yards in zones 4-9 depending on the variety you choose.

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