Best Door Locks: Will Yours Keep Burglars Out?

Security must be one of the top priorities at home aside from just focusing on it aesthetics. The first consideration of family when to it comes it is choosing the best locks to secure the home. From the traditional padlocks to the most advanced one, it may be hard for you now to decide what is best for the whole family. Below is a guide that you check through.


Key-based door lock

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For most of us, security is a top priority when selecting door locks for our homes, followed by cost, style, and finish. Choosing the best door locks for your doors depends on whether a door is interior or exterior, because each type of door requires completely different locking mechanisms. For example, it would not make sense to install a deadbolt on a bathroom door or a push-button privacy lockset on a front entry door. Read on to learn more about the most common locking mechanisms and which ones provide the best protection while staying within your budget.

ANSI Grading System for Locks & Deadbolts

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) established three grades for door locks to help identify the quality and durability of locksets and deadbolts. Each product must pass operational and security tests, including cycles, door strikes, and weight test. ¬†One cycle consists of the knob or handle turning completely to retract the latch bolt and open …


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