Burn Serious Calories With This 10-Minute Cardio + Strength Routine

“You will look at cardio at cardio the same way ever again after this routine. You will no longer have excuses not to finish your cardio workouts!”



The treadmill-and-weights class trend keeps picking up pace. Boutique fitness studios that offer the format are expanding—Orangetheory will add a whopping 365 locations in 2016, for example. And new venues, like Beyond500 in Dallas, are attracting fans with their own riffs on the concept—like treadmill running punctuated by Pilates-inspired chair moves. Like any good pair, running and strength training complement each other—and make your burn that much better.

The reason this is becoming a favorite format is simple: zero downtime. “You’re working really hard lifting weights during what is traditionally a recovery period between cardio intervals,” says Keith Baar, Ph.D., associate professor of exercise biology at the University of California in Davis. “That increases the molecular signal needed for endurance adaptations.” So you can run longer and harder, plus you’re sculpting muscles. Another bonus: Your treadmill is typically set at an incline, which ups your burn during cardio bursts. Going uphill works muscles harder than flat ground, says Baar—cranking up the incline to just three percent uses 15 percent more energy than keeping it at zero.

Score these classes’ body benefits by …



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