Bye Bye, Bland Bird: 13 Recipes for Crispy, Juicy Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, but it doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving for your to appreciate this Thanksgiving turkey recipe! in this article you will find answers to many questions like how to prepare a turkey or what to stuff it with.

Thanksgiving may have become so synonymous with turkey that it goes by the name “Turkey Day,” but the hard truth is that the bird is rarely the highlight of the dinner. A traditional whole roast turkey is prone to turning out dry and low on flavor, a serious blow for a style of turkey preparation that most people don’t eat often enough to have a soft spot for anyway. (And that’s not even touching on the stiff competition turkey faces from the often-much-more-enticing side dishes that make up the Thanksgiving spread.)

Longtime readers will already know that the best way to cook a turkey for

(C) Woman's Day

(C) Woman’s Day

moist, juicy meat and that essential crispy skin is butterflying (otherwise known as spatchcocking): removing the backbone and flattening out the bird before roasting so that each part cooks evenly. In that spirit, we’re offering a whole range of spatchcocked-turkey recipes, cooked both in the oven and on the grill, all of them perfect for making a Thanksgiving centerpiece that’s impressive-looking and delicious. But if you can’t give up on the idea of that picturesque whole roasted turkey, or if you’re cooking for only a few people, don’t fret—we have plenty of solutions for you, too. And check out our guides to brining your turkey, developing a gorgeously crispy skin, testing the temperature, and carving to make sure the meal goes off without a hitch.

Whole Turkey

The Best Simple Roast Turkey With Gravy

If Thanksgiving just isn’t Thanksgiving to you (or your family) unless someone marches a whole bird on a platter into the dining room, this is the best way to get that traditional look without sacrificing good flavor or texture: Say good-bye to the expensive roasting pan, and instead place your turkey on a V-rack set directly on a half sheet pan, which improves circulation so that the belly skin gets crisp. In addition, we place a preheated baking stone or Baking Steel underneath the tray to focus intensely high heat at the legs, helping them to cook through before the breasts dry out.

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