Can You Reuse Spent Compost?

It’s easy to reuse things to save money in the garden. Why throw away what you can reuse for your garden? And some gardeners wonder if the used compost can be reused.

To reuse compost or not to reuse it: that is the question.

At this time of year, many gardeners are repotting their plants before bringing them indoors or into the greenhouse for the winter. As a result, they may have a growing pile of used-up compost on their hands. Can it be reused to save time, money, and resources?

(C) Handyman tips

(C) Handyman tips

Of course it can! Many people turn to gardening to help them save money and reduce waste in the first place. After all, if you grow your own fruits and vegetables, you’re already cutting down on packaging and other waste. If you purchase compost from your local garden center, the costs can add up. Even if you have your own compost bins at home, you may still want to reuse the compost you’ve worked into your containers to reduce overall waste.

Getting Started

Around this time of year, you’re likely emptying your pots of compost and putting any dead plant material in your bins. Be sure to pull out all the weeds and roots, too. You don’t want them making an appearance during the next planting season.

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