DIY Drop Zone Storage Cabinet With Drawers

There are many benefits to having a storage cabinet in your home. The drawer storage cabinet is a great help when you are thinking of adding a space in your room. If you want your office or home to look elegant and beautiful then you need to have one of these exquisite pieces.

Has the new year sprung the organization bug in you? We all yearn for a fresh start at the beginning of a year, and the best place to start is by decluttering our home. Clutter is perhaps the #1 enemy of any household, and the best resolution is to have a designated spot for every little thing.



My ideal situation would be to have a designated storage space for all items, and they would be put back to where they belong after each use. Again, that’s the ideal, and our home is far from that. Our entrance by the garage has long been a drop zone right after we walk through the door. Sometimes clutter would find themselves extending beyond there and onto our coffee table and kitchen countertop.

I can’t begin to tell you how the addition of the drawers cabinet at our drop zone has brought me sanity! It has stopped incoming clutter right at the door and into the drawers. Instead of a messy drop zone, it’s now a gorgeous little nook. Inside the drawers are notepads and stationery, folders for mail, battery organizers, etc. It’s the little things that make life easier, and I know where to find them when they’re needed. I’m sure I can organize the drawers better, but at least the mess is now out of sight.

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Online Furniture Shopping at the Best Prices

So you have purchased a brand new house and are all anxious about it and you simply cannot wait now to start off decorating your dream house with the dream furniture. Well normally very first thing you would do when you are trying to purchase furniture for your new house or even if you want to redo your existing house, is rush to the nearest furniture store and check what they have in their collection.

Getting in your local furniture shop or thrift stores has got a lot of down sides particularly for busy individuals. For one, you do not have the luxury to physically examine the furniture yourself, in a way that you need to be more careful in choosing. Or you do not have enough time to jump from store to store just to get the pieces that you need.

The world of internet changed the way one looks at it for making purchases online. Nowadays one can acquire any type of furniture from online furniture store, auction sites, and sites selling used furniture, for both office and home. The whole perception of online shopping has gained lots of attention, creating high competition in market.

The second best advantage the online stores carry is they provide quality products, from top brand manufacturers. Therefore in case you are a fan of Ashley, Acme furniture, Encore Home Furniture or Signature, you name it and you’ve got it. This way you are left with no doubts on the quality of the products as they are from brands that are renowned for their excellence in the field of offering luxury furniture at its best.

Many times you cannot find that perfect piece of furniture that the heart really desires or the one in which you feel is the perfect fit for your household. A simple search for furniture stores on the net can get you a huge number of results on stores carrying furniture of numerous designs, types, quality etc. Should you really set your heart to it and search then you can find absolutely any sort of furniture that you want from online furniture stores. This is actually the main reason why most people now prefer searching

The last and the most significant advantage of online stores is that it takes good care of your budget. Purchase any furniture otherwise, you’ll find it difficult to digest the price tags. However online furniture stores acts like an antidote as it offers prices on the same furniture piece at lower rates. It is possible to avail discounts on all the furniture all year round. This also signifies that you don’t have to wait till the end of season sale to buy the piece of furniture which you require immediately.


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Reading Chair: Tips On Buying a Comfortable, Ergonomic and Modern One

If you’ve ever wished to have a chair that is so comfortable that you can use it not just for sitting but for a host of other different purposes as well. Call it a reading chair, it is sure to look great and your child will be delighted at their very own comfortable chair while reading his books.

The perfect reading spot needs the perfect reading chair.

A reading chair is notably not a desk chair.

It is generally more comfortable, not designed for proper ergonomic posture while typing or sitting at screen, but instead reading chairs are created to provide a comfortable place to curl up with your book for hours on end.

(C) Pinterest

(C) Pinterest

What defines a reading chair? It’s not a category you’ll find at a furniture store. A comfy reading chair is more of an emotional definition rather than a technical one.

Many people think of their reading chair as the most special chair in the house or apartment. It is a chair that feels great to sit in for long periods of time and looks great positioned in your special reading spot. It is the centerpiece of an area designed for refuge.

The addition of the right reading chair can transform a space, evoking comfort and peace almost on its own. It’s not only a great spot for reading a good book, but also a nice place to watch TV or play with your phone or tablet. Above all other things, a reading chair is comfortable.

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Dining Table Options

Dining room tables come in many sizes and shapes. Also they are made of various materials just like timber, glass and also metal. Among the most usual varieties of dining tables are:

Rectangular and Oval Tables

Rectangle tables are one of the most common shape of tables and are made of several materials. This is actually the ideally suited table for large households and people who frequently host celebrations at home. This type of table can accommodate from 6 to 12 depending on size you select. Additionally, it can show the hierarchy of the family with regards to the seating set up.

Drop-leaf and Expandable Tables



A drop-leaf table is a table featuring a set portion in the middle and a hinged section (leaf) on either side that could be collapsed (dropped). These tables can be made of a variety of woods from Cherry to Walnut, to Maple or Mahogany. Depending upon the style or drop leaf or gate leg tables, the leaves vary from coming almost right down to the floor to only coming down a bit.

When you’re thinking of expandable units, they generally present an extra piece in the center that could be taken away to help make the table smaller or added in case you have many individuals who want to use the table. These units aren’t only good because they allow you to control the number of people who can seat in them, but they are also fantastic simply because they save much space.

Round and Octagonal Tables

One benefit of these units is they let you fit in more guests than the table is ideal for. Another benefit of these units is they commonly come with a round revolving tray where you place the meals to be consumed.

If the table isn’t going to have a tray, you can place one on top. In most cases, these units are created to fit 4-12 individuals; therefore, they are ideal for people that have small or even large households.

Square Tables

Square tables unlike the rectangular ones, maintain balance and proportion in rooms which are symmetrical. It usually holds from four to eight individuals. In addition, when you’ve got scarce space in the room, a square table will fit in and each person will surely have their own side of the table and nobody has a privileged place. However, it may be difficult to fit many guests during events.

These are among the most common styles of dining tables. Regardless of style that you choose, you need to make sure that you purchase it from a reputable outlet that won’t con you.


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Glass-Top Desks Bring Style Into The Workspace

There are certainly a number of advantages to consider when using a glass top desk as part of your home or office interior design. I would encourage you to read this article talking about fantastic ways you can incorporate this glass-top desks into your home.

Like coffee tables, desks with glass tops are appreciated for how lightweight they look, often being integrated into small spaces where other designs would interfere with the openness of the room. That, however, is not the only reason to have a glass-top desk, whether it’s for a home office or a more professional environment. Such designs usually put an emphasis on simplicity and on the design of the frame. Let’s look at some specific desks to better understand their designs.

(C) Homedit

(C) Homedit

The Jensen desk has a design inspired by retro tables, featuring an A frame made of solid wood and a clean and simple form. The clear glass top maintains a minimalistic appearance and at the same time gives the desk a modern allure

The intention behind the design of this contemporary desk was a look that’s minimal, slick and versatile. The glass top is both strong and delicate and the chrome trestle legs have just the right amount of flair to give the desk a subtle industrial appearance without necessarily suggesting a vintage finish. {found on loveseat}.

The design of the Homework Desk is not as straight-forward as you’d think. This is actually a very versatile piece of furniture. It comes in two sizes and it can either has one or two file holders/ drawers suspended just below its clear glass top. They appear to be floating and they’re attached to an elegant wooden frame without sharing with it the same color or finish.

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Benefits of Fitted Furniture at Home

Fitted furniture means furniture that’s specifically created to fit into the space available, also known as bespoke furniture. Bespoke furniture allows you to showcase who you are as best as possible as you have full control over the elements incorporated in the furniture, just like the material, the pattern and the design, to mention but a few.

Better Space Management

One of the greatest benefits of fitted furniture is that the furniture is built to make the most of the space you have got. Fiitted bedroom furniture can be built to the exact measurements you will need. Just like fitted kitchens, this furniture is planned specifically for your living space. You are able to benefit from awkward corners and spaces under sloping ceilings, where freestanding furniture is usually difficult or even difficult to place. This lets you have more free floor space, making your room a lot more spacious and simpler to move around in.

(C) Pinterest

(C) Pinterest

Adding Personal Taste

By purchasing bespoke furniture you happen to be purchasing a piece that’s original and one of a kind. No one else can have the same furniture piece as you and there is simply nothing better than having a unique piece, especially when you’ve had a hand in the look and design of it. You have complete control over everything to do with your furniture, right from the first discussion of what you would like ’till the end product. This enables you to make sure you get just what you need and so you’re assured to be left feeling happy and content with the outcome.

Cost Efficiency

It’s true that bespoke furniture is gonna be a little bit more costly compared to “assemble yourself” furniture you can purchase in any “big box” store. But the quality and beauty will far surpass anticipations, in that these furnishings are true artwork — only this is artwork that you can use and enjoy. Try having some bespoke furniture made for yourself by a craftsman in your area, and see the quality, personalization, and usefulness up close; you’ll wonder what you ever saw in “mass market” furniture.

Every one of them will offer particular rewards. You can examine samples available in different stores, magazines or other online resources. If you love a bespoke furniture design, simply take a print out and give it to the decorator. He’s going to work on the dimensions and then suggest the right material for the product. After using the last call, calculating the costs gets a lot easier. Employing a qualified professional will definitely provide a value for your money.


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Leather Lounge Suite Great Accessory With Supreme Comfort

Every home has its own style as a result it demands several types of furniture. When it concerns to appropriately beautifying a property every person’s individual preference determines the end result. Assembling a well balance decor entails a home owner’s decisiveness as to the contrasts and similarities between the furnishings and the overall ambience. Leather suites are forever a classy solution to have in order to achieve comfort, beauty and a pleasing environment. Lounge suites are great furnishings that are liked by many and are easily sold in the market today.

(C) Pinterest

(C) Pinterest

Should you and your loved ones wish to redecorate your house with contemporary style, select the modern designed leather lounge suite. Contemporary sets are a lot curvier, angular and compact which makes it perfect also for those people who are residing in condominiums. Today, buying furniture is so easy with the advent of the Internet technology. Additionally, understand that the shape and design of the leather lounge suite that you pick should have a positive change on your room’s existing look and ambiance. Just how it changes the appearance of your space will also lie and depend on your preferences. As every lounge set has its very own appeal, you will see that it renders clean, smooth edges and simple lines making most of them easily blend in into your work or home place.

Now, it is a crucial part you need to know before you set out to get the furniture of your dreams. Because the type of furniture that you’re looking to purchase can be expensive, consider talking to the furniture dealer and ask exactly what you need to know including the type of leather, is it made of 100% leather, their return policies and does the item or items have a warranty. Make sure that you are equipped for determining authentic leather plus the fake leather.

Furniture made of leather look wonderful whether or not you’ve got a contemporary or traditional space. Leather lounge suites are not only cozy, stylish, and timeless but, very versatile as well. It is a main reason why they’re popularly chosen to adorn many different types of room.

There are lots of styles available when purchasing such furniture suites, even though certain varieties are perceived as more appealing and classy than the others by most people. Leather is a material that’s always in high demand, and is always related to good taste and elegance, making leather lounge suites a great buy.

Leather lounge suite is one kind of furnishings that includes a typical and remarkable appeal that could absolutely go with any ambiance and style be it very modern day, standard, and low-key or even the traditional look. Lounge suites can usually be arranged in the simplest manner you believe achievable and would certainly help the look of every home. You will find great styles and kinds of lounge suites finished and built from the old enduring concepts of furniture creation joined with stylish trends. Designer lounges are generally low set, wide and with arm rests turning it into remarkably comfy.


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20 Ideas of Comfortable Outdoor Sofas

Get hold of the most modern and innovative outdoor sofa set and let yourself experience a great day of rest. Put this in the best possible area in your patio for extra comfort. By having comfortable outdoor sofas, you are really bringing a facet of the indoors outside for your enjoyment with friends and relatives.

If you might have noticed, there are more and more people who are into travelling and doing outdoor activities – whether it is in the beach or even in mountains. For people who do not have the time or chance to really go out of the city, hanging out with your friends at home may somehow be the answer to those things you wanted to do outside work.

With that in mind, we have created a list that covers a few outdoor photos that will allow us to see what we can do with our outdoor spaces to encourage people and friends to come over and hang out with us. The spaces showcase awesome furniture set that you can add to your outdoors for additional seating and comfort. Take a look at the spaces and pick a favorite!

1. Bayshores

First up, a grey sofa set was added to this outdoor space. Aside from creating enough seating space for the home owners, this living room set somehow created a bubble where people can choose to hang out in every time they prefer to enjoy the outdoors.

2. Beach House II

This outdoor beach house space is somehow similar to the photo above that is beside a fireplace. The sectional added to this space has a wonderful color to it, but personally, I would prefer a darker shade for the outdoors just because I think maintaining it would be a tad effortful than usual.



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How to Preserve Your Leather Furniture

Non-fabric furniture is a preferred option among furniture consumers because it’s fashionable, sturdy and comfortable. Contrary to fabric furniture, leather could be reconditioned to its original state with proper cleaning and conditioning. Despite the fact that non-fabric could cost a little bit more than normal upholstery furniture, the biggest bang for the money is had by purchasing leather. Non-fabric furniture is going to last longer than typical fabric upholstered furniture with minimal maintenance.

Types of Leather

(C) Pinterest

(C) Pinterest

Leather is known as a delicate material and when cleaning it quite possibly the most care needs to be taken. It shouldn’t be cleaned with just any type of cleaning agent since many detergents contain chemical substances that might be damaging to the product. This is why it is essential to understand the type of leather or the materials it is made of. Keeping that in mind, you’ll are more cautious on how to take good care of your furniture.

Placement of Furniture

This sort of furniture mustn’t be put through sunlight or direct heat sources similar to heating vents, radiators or fire places. Just as skin shows signs of aging when not thoroughly protected from sunlight and heat, non-fabric could become dull, dry and cracked with over-exposure to extreme heat or direct sunlight. Periodic cleaning and conditioning of leather furnishings will ensure that it remains to be desirable and in excellent condition.

Cleaning Furniture

Day-to-day care for this furniture includes cleaning it with soft cloth and getting into the bottom parts and holes with a vacuum cleaner in order to avoid dirt build up..

Start using a clean absorbent cloth to bring back the stunning patina of the leather. Frequently when you are performing leather cleaning you would apply a cleaning product to a wet cloth and then proceed to wipe all the areas of your upholstery. Some products recommend that the cloth should be a bit warm since the heat will allow for the pores on the leather to open up and absorb the cleaner better. Furthermore, don’t utilize electric dryers or other artificial techniques to dry the leather.


As soon as the leather is dry, it’s time to utilize a leather conditioner. A conditioner won’t only prolong the life of the leather, but additionally regain some of the color which might have faded and add some extra protection against fading and aging due to the effects of the things. The main intent behind using a conditioner after leather cleaning would be to restore it to its former glory, yet it may also be used after stains are cleaned. Leather couch conditioner could sort out dry and dull spots swiftly which normally occurs after cleaning.

Your leather furniture starts to stiffen with time as it builds up dirt and also the natural oils reduce. This aging process will cause your leather to lose its soft feel and can eventually dry up if it is left un-conditioned. This is why it is essential to clean and condition your leather furniture as you wouldn’t like to waste you investment in this sort of furniture. By keeping in mind the ideas above, you could ensure that your leather furniture will last for a longer time.


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Add Elegance To Your Bedroom With Canopy Bed

Canopy beds have discovered a comfortable place in a lot of many homes. Canopy beds are rightly associated with princesses and also other royalty, as canopy beds have their origins in ancient castles as a way of handling the unwieldy drafts these palaces produced. During winter beds in the castle were draped with heavy curtains as a way to help contain warmth. Through the summer months, the thick fabric material was substituted with thin netting used to keep mosquitoes and also other insects and pests out. Cozy, pleasant and welcome feelings can all come from having a canopy on your bed.

(C) Pinterest

(C) Pinterest

Characteristically these beds have posts that extend up about four feet from the mattress or the floor. Draped over the space between tops of the posts is a beautiful textile that can cause a canopy or kind of ceiling in a straight line on the bed. The initial purpose for this would have been to prevent sleeping people from being hit by dirt, insects, pebbles along with other things falling through the ceiling. These were also used by royalty for warmth and privacy, and in recent years they are viewed as a trendy bed adding great elegance and style to the bedroom.

Today, modern canopy bed frames are made from pine, oak or a mixture of hardwood, while the metal ones are available in a array of colors like white, black or perhaps trendy colors like bright blue or pink. Modern canopy beds have easy and light canopy fabrics that seem to be pleasing to the eye and are yet low maintenance. You can select to go the traditional or modern route with respect to the rest of your interior décor and personal taste.

Choice of modern frames for canopy beds usually is determined by the kind of décor, size of bedroom, cost and the like. Metal frames could be the simplest are available with low wheels. They often have them in king, queen or twin bed sizes. The frame may be raised at the edges to prevent the mattress from moving out of position. Metal frames may give an old world look particularly if they are made from wrought iron. Aluminium is a lot more lightweight and modern frames are likely to be created from aluminium rather than metal.

Should you be putting your canopy bed in a big room, think about placing it against a wall, which will allow you to use the extra space for clothing storage and other functions. You have fewer arrangement choices with a smaller room, but by placing the canopy in the middle of the room you’ll have space to add other furniture. You’ll want to place the canopy bed in the best place possible, because this will help you to acquire more practical use and enjoyment out of the room. Have some fun using furniture arrangement to enable you to get the look that most closely fits your taste.

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