Choosing Furniture Upholstery Fabrics

The options are numerous, and may seem mind-boggling, but when you’re ready reupholster your favorite couch, loveseat, or chair, here’s some assistance in knowing the types of upholstery fabric available.


A. Fabric Style

Essentially, just how do you want your room to be seen? You may be developing a modern room with light colors or you may be designing a classical space. A large couch with lots of smaller items in the room could do well with a bold type of pattern, turning it into the point of interest of the room. Some fabric styles might also create a casual appearance while others are more formal. Some experts suggest that you look at the room size, the size of the item to be protected, the number of that item there are in the same room, and what the rest of the room is adorned with.

B. Fabric Durability

It’s always necessary to consider the durability you need. Where will you be putting the furniture item? A delicate, soft fabric is okay for a formal living room, however, you would not wish to furnish a children’s playroom with it. The fabric you pick must have a tight weave and should feel stable, but not stiff, whenever you handle them. With the durability of the material used guarantees you that it will last longer letting you save on repairs or replacement.

C. Fabric Color

Color is an aspect you have to concentrate upholstery fabrics. The good thing is that regardless of whether you choose plain or pattern, you’ll find upholstery fabrics in an massive range of colors, ensuring that you will find the one that will blend into your space with ease. Colors that happen to be neutral and paired with neutral pattern types are simpler to use in various types of rooms, and seem to be in style longer. When you decide neutral colors for your upholstery fabric, you are usually attempting to highlight other areas of the room, such as accessories or decorations. But, bright or unusual colors, particularly when paired with unique patterns, might make a crucial decorating statement.

Special Considerations

Allergies: Take into consideration fabric like microfiber for certain allergies because it is lint free and doesn’t attract dust.

Pets: For those who have pets avoid delicate fabric like silk, or any fabric with a lot of texture, pick pet-friendly upholstery instead.

Fade Resistance: Should your room receives a lot of sunlight; you probably need a fade-resistant fabric.

Mildew Resistance: Try to look for fabric which is mildew resistant if you live in a humid climate that builds mildew.

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