Choosing the right kitchen countertop

The kitchen by no means operate correctly without having a countertop. Countertops are very important facets of kitchen to make cooking food and cooking simpler. Your kitchen countertops make a huge difference to the kitchen. And with the wide range of kitchen countertops available nowadays you’ll be able to find a thing that fits your preferences which also complements the other decor inside the room.

Getting kitchen countertops is really a hard and costly task, so you’ve to be sure that what you’re putting in can last you a very long time. Listed here are just 5 common countertops nowadays.


1.    Laminate Countertops

Quite possibly, laminate countertops are the popular kind because of its cost and features. Laminates are made from plastic-coated synthetics that are very easy to set up and clean, and also tough. It’s available in several patterns and colors which can complement any appearance of the kitchen. The disadvantage of laminates is that once they are scratched or chipped, you can’t really fix them – they should get replaced.

2.    Tile Countertops

The tile itself doesn’t burn, scorch, or cut with normal wear. You will find a huge selection of colors, textures and because it’s a hand installed product, you can find as elegant or as plain as you prefer.

Different types of kitchen tiles utilized for the countertops are ceramic, stones, concrete and porcelain. Each has unique appeal and features which can suit your own home design.

3.    Natural Stone Countertops

For those who don’t want rapid life-span of laminate countertops and are not restricted by small finances, natural stone countertops are suitable for you. Examples of natural stones are granite, quartz and marble. Such stones are quite classy and automatically boost the value of just about any area.

4.    Stainless Countertops

Stainless countertops are a good selection for any kitchen countertop. It really is popular to restaurants and business establishment given that they find stainless effortless to clean with a modern looks. Many householders who desired to have a modern and low maintenance countertops invested on such. Although quite resistant, the stainless steel countertop can be scratched.

5.    Wood Countertops

Wood is a good material for putting warmth to a kitchen. It comes in numerous patterns and colors and it is flexible enough to fit a modern kitchen or a country-themed one. A few examples of hardwood used in kitchen countertops are oak, walnut, cherry, teak, mahogany, pecan, hard maple, and others.

Considering the fact that wood is porous, it has more areas for germs to thrive on. As a result, it has to be cleaned on a regular basis. It’s also susceptible to burns, stains and scratches. But the good thing about them is that they could be refinished every time they look used up. It is very easy to regain their old appearance.

Indeed, there are many of kitchen countertops now available on the market. You just need to bear in mind each material has various features. Know your requirement and budget to get the correct determination.

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