Compost Tools for Added Help

Getting your hands on the appropriate compost tools so as to manage your own organic material will decrease the waste that we send to the landfills and provide your landscaping and gardens the benefit of organic compost. Below are a few tools that you will need to begin your own compost.


A. Manure fork: One of the major activities in composting is moving things from one spot to the other. In this regard, the fork to be used must be a manure fork or a pitch fork, ideally four or five tined even though a three tined pitch fork will work well. It allows you to pick up, mix, turn, and aerate the pile effectively. With this, it may move the material on the top and sides to the center and bottom of the new pile in the next bin and sifts their way down as the pile is transferred.

B. Rake: As you get near the bottom of the pile or it scatters around on you, a garden rake is a good tool to obtain. By this I mean a bow rake with solid tines, not a fan that you could use to comb up leaves. A great, solid tool is necessary to reach and haul the compost. Also, it is a great tool for spreading compost once a pile is deposited in the heart of the garden bed.

C. Shovel: To get those last crumbling components of matter at the end of the pile as well as for spreading the finished compost around a stand of plants, a great shovel is hard to beat. You don’t want a digging spade here or the standard narrow bladed garden shovel, but instead a wide bladed, fairly light but tough tool. Quickly you may enjoy the peculiar flick of the wrist that permits you to deposit a shovel full of compost between a couple of plants without disturbing either.

D. Garden sieve: To get a well prepared and separated compost, a garden sieve is totally suitable. Some are made to fit the garden cart so that the material can be sifted and separated, ready to move to the plot to be used. A two inch mesh permits good sizing with easy fall through. When using sieve you’ll be able to acquire the best results with throwing unrotted material and living perennial roots to the gathering bin, partly rotted material to the working bin, and undesired matter like bottle tops or plastic in to a garbage bucket. Black gold goes into the cart.

Compost creates a big difference in the garden as well as the work is worthwhile. Then again there is no need to work harder than necessary and these 4, simple tools will assist to do the job and achieve it well.

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