Daisy Garden Design – Tips For Planting A Daisy Garden

“Few flowers are as cheery as daisies. Their sunny faces reflect joy and peace to anyone that sets their eyes upon them. Perhaps that is why they are common “get well” flowers. Imagine planting a daisy garden and all the happiness the effect would project. What is a daisy garden? Well, a place of joy and contentment, of course.”

What is a Daisy Garden? If you want a simple, yet extraordinary, space in your garden, try a daisy garden design. The sunny nature of daisies produces a feel-good site that is as beautiful as it is uncomplicated. Using daisies for the garden also provides a low maintenance area. The easy-to-grow perennials have few special needs and are unbothered by most pests and disease.

Shasta daisies are probably what comes to mind when you think of this flower. While their white petals and yolk-like centers are sunny and fun, there are other types of daisies you can add to enhance daisy garden design. Combining different colors and sizes of daisies for the garden will result in an appealing sea of the radiated blooms…


Read more: https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/flowers/shasta-daisy/planting-a-daisy-garden.htm

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