Dangers of Locksmith Cons

You and many others who could have contacted a locksmith when keys were stuck in the car or perhaps a home door lock stopped working could have unwittingly been the victim of a bogus locksmith. As you may be tempted to call up the nearest or the easily accessible one, the question is how can you avoid getting swindled by scammers should you ever require a locksmith in urgent situation?

In order to avoid being scammed when selecting a locksmith service from a telephone book – or from the internet – you will have to be cautious. Some “local” companies are not local at all! These scam artists comes in an unmarked vehicle, do a substandard job, and overcharge you.


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a)    You have to make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate locksmith. This can be done by asking the locksmith for proper evidence of certification and licensing of the business. They should not be hesitant to present their personal id and others evidence of identity.

b)    Nearly all emergency locksmiths will arrive at your location in a clearly marked company vehicle. The logo and business name ought to be professionally painted on the side. If not, you’ll need to be more careful.

c)    Insurance is important for any locksmith; with this job it is not very hard to damage someone’s property, and the insurance helps cover the expense of any trouble for your property. In many areas, locksmiths are also required to be licensed before working on anyone’s property. In United States, some states call for a locksmith to be licensed.

d)    If a locksmith finds that a lock is damaged however desires to change it with a less secure lock, never accept the replacement lock. It’s not unusual for phony locksmiths to break a lock and then persist a replacement is necessary when a simple fix could have kept the old lock in place.

e)    Prior to any work starts, ask for an estimate (over the phone). Are there extra charge you will have to pay, for example for an emergency service? Always ask: “What is the total cost going to be once the work is completed?”. Request a written estimation. When the estimate he provides you with when he arrives does not match the one he gave you over the phone, find another locksmith!

f)    An outrageously very low quote given over the telephone is surely an indication of a fraud. These types of scam artists would bully you into having to pay much, far more after they arrive and you’re left standing there without a working lock! Insisting on “cash only” can also be a telltale sign of a scam.

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