Essential Bathroom Products Needed In Ever Home

The bathroom is among the most dangerous places for the senior and kids. Standing on a wet, slippery surface may well be bearable to us however when you are dealing with older, disabled, or even younger members of the family, they are in particular danger. Below are some bathroom safety products in which you can buy to help make the bathroom a safer area for your family.”

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Combining water, electrical outlets, and slippery feet together – plus you’ve got a recipe for disaster in your bathroom. Ever year, thousands and thousands of people are sent to the hospital with injuries that have occurred in their own bathroom, most of which might have been avoided. Below are a few items and ideas to stop such accidents.

Shower Grab Bars

Safety grab bars are perfect in the bathtub, by the toilet and also on the bathroom wall. They create an extra layer of safety in the bathroom and allow for added balance and comfort. By no means use towel rods as bath aids as they won’t support somebody who loses their balance, nor will certainly improperly put in safety bars. On top of that, grab bars today are very lovely in design and are available in a huge range of styles, sizes and finishes.

Shower Baskets

Putting in a shower basket is amongst the simplest ways in order to avoid slipping in the shower. In the event the shampoos, soaps, razors and other shower products on the shower floor, you are much more likely to slip on these things and to trip over them. Positioning them high up, in shower baskets, ensures that the soap is not under your feet and that your goods are all secure and organized.

Slip Flooring

Slips and falls are the most common accidents that occur in the bathroom. Avoid slips and falls by placing slip resistant mats or strips on the bathroom floor in areas that could get wet such as in and around the bathtub and in and around the shower. These mats stick on to the tub surface and provide a non-slip surface for a person to stand or sit.

Shower Chairs and Benches

For people who have been unable to have a shower, a shower chair or bench may be an option. Most are small enough to fit in just about any shower or tub, but are strong enough to keep up to 300 lbs. These products are made of specifically designed materials that will resist build up from soaps and shampoos, and they are mold resistant, too. Some are shaped like a regular chair, with a back and arms, as well as others are a simple bench design.

A Final Thought or Two

Children and the elderly are more prone to bathroom accidents. Therefore, the most you could do is to make sure they remain safe even if they accidentally visit the bathroom on their own.
By implementing these 4 bathroom safety solutions, you are going to greatly improve your bathroom safety and you’ll add organization to your bathroom space.

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