Extend Your Roof’s Life by Following These Tips

Having a roof over your head is crucial. Because of this and a number of other reasons, it is essential to make it in excellent for as long as possible in order to maintain a happy home life and the safety of those who dwell beneath it. Simple ways to extend the life of a roof involve maintenance techniques that almost any homeowner could employ from inspections in your home to more thorough inspections on the outside.”

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Your homes roof is basically the main source of protection from the elements for your house.It is just there. So many times it does not get the attention it takes until something noticeable goes wrong. There are some basic roof maintenance procedures and roofing tips property owners may follow to increase the life span of their roof and put off the need for an expensive re-roofing job. As you change the oil in your car from time to time, the roof requires regular maintenance also.

Start Your Roof Inspection in the Attic

Begin by checking the underside of your roof on your attic. Switch off the light and note if you can see sun shining through. Pinholes are hard to see, however they could cause big problems. Another important thing to look out for if you are in your attic is for any indication of damage from insects or animal activity. You may not be aware that mice, raccoons and squirrels have found their way to your attic for shelter and warmth. Needless to say, you can find insects everywhere that will result in as much damage in time. Find droppings, spots where wood is chewed, burrow holes or some other kind of holes.

Next, Inspect your Roof from The Outside!

When examining from the outside, home owners ought to avoid walking on the roof whenever possible, but, it wouldn’t be too bad to get on there for a more complete inspection. The problem with carrying out this a lot of, though, is that the constant weight can compromise the integrity of the shingles. For those with metal roofs, this isn’t as much of a problem, but for safety reasons, having a ladder is still preferable.

Common Problem Areas on the Roof

Inspections from the outside will still focus on prevalent problem areas such as the flashing around vents and chimneys. Other areas of concern include a section on the roof in which draws a lot of water. As the majority of rain runs off of this one area, it can lead to damage and rot, and even mold

Your Roof Free of Debris

Another risk to your happy home is debris. Tree limbs and leaves decomposing on the shingles of your roof is never a very important thing and may be cleared if possible. Another type of debris can come from nails left by reckless contractors who had done work on the residence previously. When these nails are left on a home’s roof, the requirement for maintenance could be sped up as a result of expedited damage. After all, water doesn’t have a lot of room to squeeze into your home.

Maintaining a roof is pretty simple when homeowners care enough to take a look every now and then. Simple inspections from the inside and out can create a big difference in extending the life of a roof.

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