Getting Rid of Slugs and Snails the Natural Way

“When the snails and slugs natural predators eats the contaminated snails and slugs they will too get contaminated and get very ill and sometimes die. If your curious domestic pets and young family members sees those bright blue pesticides, they are very likely to eat it and end up getting very ill. The most effective and not harmful way of getting rid of snails and slugs is hand picking them from your garden… Yes, I know that sounds like a disgusting job to do, but it is much better than killing the wildlife with pesticides.”

Getting Rid of Slugs and Snails the Natural Way

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Spring is prime time for slugs and snails in the garden. You could use poison to eliminate them, but there are many nontoxic and natural methods as well.

It must be spring. Not only have green leaves started to sprout, but so have the critters that want to munch on them.

It’s prime time right now for snails and slugs, which love the cool, moist conditions we’ve been having lately. In some spots, it looks like they’re having a party. Gilroy gardeners are noticing, to their dismay, hordes of snails gliding toward tender shoots and newly opened buds.

The big question for gardeners these days is whether to use poison to eliminate snails and slugs. I would recommend against it, because there are plenty of nontoxic alternatives.

Commercial snail bait—the stuff you buy at Home Depot or OSH—uses either metaldehyde or iron phosphate. Metaldehyde is poisonous to all living creatures, yourself included, while iron phosphate only kills slugs and snails. Iron phosphate, which is the main ingredient in Sluggo Plus and other brands, is a better bet, especially if you have pets or children.

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