What Are The Benefits Of LED Lighting? Find Out Here!

“Solid-state lighting, typically called LED (light-emitting diode) lighting, is a solid semiconductor light source which doesn’t use a gas tube like that of the CFL. Light from an LED is made when electricity is used through the semi-conductor doped with impurities to create one half which is a “p-side”, and another half that forms the “n-side”. Well, so much with this technical terms, LED Lighting is basically one of the most popular forms of residential and commercial lighting on the market today. LED lighting has been increasingly favored for various applications, including home lighting, office illumination, vehicle lighting, landscape lighting, and public safety lighting due to its economic and environmental benefits rather than regular lights.”


Here is a brief preview of the advantages of using LED lighting compared to the standard fluorescent lighting option.

•    Durable and long lasting
The LED lighting offers a longer lifespan that is a great support for home use. It’s surely durable that it may have a useful lifespan up to 100,000 hour as compared to the 2,000 hours of standard bulbs. LED light in addition doesn’t contain fragile filaments or any fragile tube that can be easily damaged because of shock and vibrations. They’re highly rugged and are proofed against heat, cold, vibrations, and shock.

•    Eco-friendly and pocket friendly
LED lighting is 30-50% more efficient than CFLs (compact fluorescent) bulbs and 90% better than the old incandescent light bulbs. This results in huge energy savings once you upgrade all of your old light bulbs. The advantages to the consumer are definitely the drastically reduced energy costs and decreased carbon emissions.

•    Less noisy
The more time you have been using a fluorescent bulb, the noisier it becomes. The truth is, the low buzzing sound emitted by these bulbs might be a mood spoiler. However, the LED bulb operation is much more silent.

•    Quick lighting
The greatest advantage of using LED bulbs is that lighting is quick and really amazing in contrast to that of an ordinary fluorescent tube light which tends to become dim over a period of time.

•    Less heat
LED lighting gives off far less heat than either incandescent or CFL bulbs because it uses energy more efficiently transforming more of it to light than either of the others. This is a great edge if it is used in enclosed or recessed lighting fixtures. With decreased heat emission of LEDs, energy is also saved on air-conditioning.

So, for those who want to invest in a robust, long-lasting, stylish and pocket friendly lighting choice, Led lightings are your best choice!

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