Granite Countertops Maintenance

Granite has grown to be excellent option in the kitchen as it presents what a gourmet kitchen appears like by adding an artistic, yet practical element to the space. They are available in a number of colors and textures with no two slabs being identical, causing them to be unique. Granite countertops can also be a major investment, adding to the beauty and resale worth of your home. It is essential to provide proper care and maintenance for your countertops in order to continue to look as good as they did when you just had them installed. There are regular maintenance practices to adhere to ensure that your granite countertop will keep its charm.


•    Cleaning
It is very important have time for daily cleaning with water and particular products created for disinfecting stone surfaces. It is very important make use of specialized cleaning solutions. Avoid using cleaning solutions which are highly acidic or alkaline simply because by doing so you risk etching or dulling your countertop finish.

•    Stains
Even when you have protected your granite with sealants, it is usually smart to be proactive and stop stains from setting. You should always cleanup spills immediately, using a blotting technique as opposed to wiping to avoid scattering the spilled substance. Most staining can normally be eliminated by cleaning the surface with dish soap and water. Don’t ever clean your counter tops with acidic cleaners, since these can cause scratching. After, make sure to always dry the surface with a clean cloth.

•    Sealing
A highly effective seal helps in reducing the chance of staining by creating a barrier between the granite as well as any compounds. The seal furthermore keeps your countertops hygienic by blocking moisture from seeping into granite’s naturally porous surface. In the past, resealing your granite countertops was advised as frequently as annually. The sealers used were water-based or solvent-based and will break down after some time due to the use of everyday household cleaners. It was actually recommended that countertops be cleaned with warm soapy water only. In the recent years, a lifetime sealer, commonly with a 15 year stain-warranty, has been brought in to the market, totally shifting the conventional rules of how to care for granite countertops. These types of new sealers tend to be like treatments, which molecularly join to the stone and do not need to be reapplied. They are strong enough to stand up to common household cleaners often times too. Inquire your countertop provider what sort of sealers they offer.

In case you deal with any problems that you cannot resolve with the above suggestions, you need to contact the dealer who sold you the countertops for additional assistance. Yet, granite is a very durable stone, and with the proper amount of care, your granite countertops will look stunning and flawless for a long time.

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