You have probably been training for some time and see big guys and girls going to the gym who have adequate muscle size, with big legs. Some people don’t like leg training but it is the key to a bigger body. Maybe you’re just starting off and need some information on how to get bigger legs – this is the fastest way to gain muscle.


Guys have every right to show off their legs just as much as the ladies…unless you’ve skipped leg day one too many times. But you can add mass to your legs and wear shorts with confidence—just follow our comprehensive lower-body routine to get the exact combination of exercises, sets, and reps that you need to grow your legs like weeds.

Unlike workouts that use near-maximal weights and require a lot of rest, our program packs a ton of work into less time. A study from the Journal of Applied Physiology found that heavy workouts that target the glycolytic system (i.e. create lactic acid) through shorter rest periods and longer sets generate more growth hormone and testosterone than heavy strength workouts with longer rest periods.

That leads to faster muscle growth, strength gains, and recovery than those old-fashioned powerlifting programs. Bonus: because our sweat-dripping leg workouts tax your aerobic system, you’ll stay lean as you pack muscle into your lower-body. In a few weeks, you’ll notice a snugger fit in your shorts and, hopefully, a few more flirty glances from the opposite sex. (Yes, they check out your legs.)

Just don’t get mad at us if you need new pants.


Substitute your current leg program with ours and alternate between Workout A and Workout B to get two leg days during the week. If you’re feeling daring and want a third leg workout, we’ve included a short, brutal lower-body Tabata routine that will pump your legs and skyrocket your conditioning. Listen to your body, though—with what you’re about to undertake, you might need all the rest you can get.


This is NOT the time to cut out carbs, go on a cleanse, or try a liquid diet—to get the most out of this routine, you need to give your body the fuel for growth. Before your workout, drink BCAAs (or a light protein shake) to give yourself some energy; then, after your workout, pound a shake with lots of protein and carbs to help your body recover.


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