How to Clean an Acrylic Bathtub Correctly

“Homeowners must be very careful about how cleaning their bathtubs. Using the wrong product can damage the surface, making it dull – and possibly void your acrylic bathtub’s warranty. When cleaning an acrylic tub, never use cleaning products in aerosol cans or solvents, including acetone. Since they scratch easily, abrasive scrubbing pads and wire brushes are out of the question.”

Acrylic Bathtub

Cleaning acrylic tubs can prove difficult, but removing hard water stains is even worse.

Dear Angie:I have a dirty-looking area on bottom of my acrylic bathtub … and am sure it is from my hard water. The tub is just now being used daily. I know I cannot use regular products like CLR® or Lime-A-Way®. I have tried ammonia, vinegar, baking soda and a mixture of all three — no luck. Any suggestions? –Chaille, Phoenix

Dear Chaille: Many homeowners with hard water struggle to make their bathtubs shine. For those with acrylic tubs, it’s more complicated…

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