How to Decorate a Coffee Table

I found our living room so dull while looking at it earlier.  Even though it has complete furniture, I think there’s something missing in the decor. And I stumbled into this lifestyle magazine about coffee table decors and I was surprised how they bring a big difference. So I look some of it in the web and found lots of design ideas. But before buying decors, let’s get first into the basics.



A coffee table is many things: a place to set your drink, a footrest, somewhere to stash the remote and — of course — a beautiful decorative addition to your living room. Or, at least, it has the potential to be all of these things. Your coffee table can also become a cluttered mess if you aren’t careful, or a drab disappointment if you’re scared to get a little creative. To help you achieve style success, I’ve put together some helpful guidelines with specific situations so you can master the art of decorating a coffee table.

The Rule of 3

As in so many other areas of design, three is a powerful number for styling your coffee table. For any size or shape of table, a collection of three items is pretty much foolproof.

Keep in mind that this “rule” of three is really just a guide, not a strict policy. And sometimes what makes up those three items can be more complicated than it would seem to be.

n the example shown here, the vase is one item, the small covered dish another, and the pair of candlesticks can be considered the third. You could easily count this collection as four pieces (or more if you consider every blossom), but the items still feel like a grouping of three, and add up to an elegant look.

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