How to Maintain Home Appliances

Most of us take pleasure in to decorate and organize our things in the house. We buy various decorations to make the house more lovely and eye-catching for the guests. Not only that, we even buy several home appliances that we require and the ones that we simply like to exhibit. But, there are occasions that we feel sluggish to clean up the appliances we have and we barely had the capacity to maintain some of our appliances for the home. This is not good since our appliance can possibly be damaged, appear old or may even cause accident if it is not properly maintained. Looking after your home appliances is simple once you know the easy tips which should be carried out to make sure that your home appliances are in excellent running condition and will work for a lifetime.



Not all the appliances we have, demands the same maintenance. The appliances we have such as kitchen range, oven, refrigerators, washer, dishwasher and many more at home need distinct cleaning techniques so you should be extra careful in doing so. There are those who are just easy to clean but there are also those that are intricate.

Refrigerator. The very first thing you’ll want to keep in mind would be to clean the inside and exterior of the fridge weekly. Wipe the spills and stains and remove the old food. The next thing is to clean up the drip pan and drain hole. The drip pan must be removed, thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned, then place back in position. When your refrigerator includes a built-in water or ice dispenser, then you will need to clean that as well.

Washer or dryer. Use water and soap in cleansing the outside surface of the appliance and use a moist cloth to clean and remove dirt inside.

Microwave. In a small microwave safe container and put 1 cup of warm water and a number of drops of dish soap plus 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Mix the mixture and cook on high for 3-4 minutes. When the time is up, leave the door firmly shut for a additional 15 minutes before opening..

Dishwasher. The secret to maintain a dishwasher is to use it regularly so that you don’t have to clean it constantly. Once per week, check out inside the dishwasher and make sure that there’s no debris or dirt which could clog the holes and stop the water from running freely. You can also use a cloth to clean the external surface and the edges.

TV/ Computer. Ensure that you use only damp cloth or paper towel in cleaning its surface because you wouldn’t want it to lead to scratches of marks.

Kitchen range. A great way to help get rid of grease as well as sanitize your range is by using vinegar in a spray bottle and wipe it down with a cotton cloth. The texture also helps scrub away food particles.

Generally, you’ll want to take some time to clean and check your appliance to understand their condition and carry out immediate repair if needed. Maintaining is not simply to ensure they’re going to last long but it’s a smart way of ensuring the health and safety of your family. Take time to browse the manual for guide and do not attempt to repair it if you’re not familiar with its components. At the end of day, you’ll enjoy all the efforts you have done in maintaining your appliance.


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