Is Your Reticulation System Due For Repair?

House owners who have lawns or gardens generally get worried that their turf and plants are not receiving the correct amount of water or hydration they require. Throughout the summer, this can become a lawn owner’s hardest difficulty to face and their main priority with their overall lawn care and maintenance. Regardless of season, having a reticulation system can give lawn owners relief regarding the amount of water their turf and plants receive frequently. Reticulation is a system or network which makes sure that your turf and plants acquire all the water and hydration they need to enable them to grow and flourish attractively.

Having a lush garden involves common sense, adequate soil conditions and suitable reticulation equipment. While reticulation system enables you to dedicate energy and time elsewhere, if you do not occasionally look into the system, you may be pouring money down the drain. Breaks, leaks, broken fittings and split pipes are typical accidents and much water can be wasted especially if irrigation is under pressure. You should be careful at looking at these signs.

Control Malfunction: Reticulation systems are automated
– Therefore, lawn owners could control the quantity of water easily by only pressing the buttons. Yet, there are occasions when controllers could have certain glitches due to broken wires or maybe inadequate control box protection. To aid this problem, it is essential for owners to examine wirings regularly. This is needed because pests like rats or other issues damage the wires most especially if you have put in the controllers outside your home.

Pooling water around the reticulation heads
– Even though you may not see any apparent cracks or damages on the heads, if you notice water round the heads even after the system is switched off, this part may already be broken. The head itself may already be defective and in need of speedy repair.

Muddy lawn
– Digging is among the major activities in a lawn or garden. There are circumstances that pipes gets damaged because of the weight of anything above the ground or possibly due to the holes caused by digging. Because of this, there’s a water overflow and the area where the pipe break took place is going to be muddy.

Excess water on driveways and sidewalks
– Additionally there is the more serious problem of pipes being put forth poorly. While rare, it is a serious situation in as much as these pipes supply water for the whole system. Not only that, but it is even worse when one considers the sheer amount of water that might be lost.

Brown spots on your turf

– If however, you will still find brown spots or areas in your lawn, probably the reason is that water isn’t hitting to that area. Observe and find out if your reticulation system works as how you have intended it and see if your lawn is getting the correct amount of water.

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