Killer Kickboxing Workout

So basically, what is cardio kickboxing? Also known as fitness kickboxing or aerobic kickboxing, this form martial art is now used for working out or exercise. Kickboxing allows us to get an intense workout which involves almost all parts of our body.


Kickboxing is a fun and effective cardio workout that engages almost every muscle in your body. So instead of plodding along on the treadmill, try these drills from fitness expert and certified kickboxing instructor Jessica Smith to torch calories and tone your arms, abs, shoulders, back, and legs at the same time.

How it works: Perform each drill back to back without rest. When you’ve finished the last drill, rest for 1-2 minutes and repeat the full circuit one more time.

Jab, Cross, Squat, Jump, and Switch

Attack and avoid an imaginary opponent with this punch combo.

Stand with your right foot forward, arms in ‘on guard’ position (elbows bent, hands in fists on either side of your chin). Throw a right jab (punch your right arm forward, rotating your fist down, without locking out your elbow), a left cross (punch your left arm forward, rotating your left hip into the punch and lifting your left heel off the floor), and then bring your arms back to on guard position. Quickly push your hips back and lower into a squat, jump up, and rotate 180 degrees in the air, landing with your left foot forward.

Immediately repeat the entire sequence on the left side. Continue alternating sides for 1 minute.

Speedbag and Shuffle

Stay quick and light on your feet with this boxing training drill.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and bring your arms up in front of your chest, hands in fists, elbows out to the sides. Shuffle side to side and circle your arms rapidly around in each other (as if hitting a speed bag).

To make it harder, reverse the direction of your circles without losing speed. Do this as quickly as you can for 30 seconds.

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